Only players 12 years and older can participate in Laser Tag battles.

Price for one player:
2 hours game time - 15 €
3 hours game time - 25 €
4 hours game time - 30 €

8 – 12 players are required for the game.

Please schedule the game at least 3 days in advance.


Tippmann 98 Custom - the world's most popular and most reliable semi-automatic marker, works great both in summer and winter.

Mask V-Force Armor Rental - the best mask for rental. It provides good protection for the face, is easily removable, and has replaceable glass.

Compressed Air tank 3000psi - filled with compressed air and provides the player a great experience in all weather conditions.

Body armour - camouflage overalls in different sizes, which the player wears over his/her own clothes. This overall allows the player to move freely and feel comfortably in any situation of the game.

Chest protector - extra protection for children and women.

Promotions and Special Offers

At Rullītis Sports and Recreation Complex, every paintball player receives:

  • high quality paintball equipment and high quality paintball balls;
  • professional instructor;
  • sporting and tactical paintball fields;
  • car parking;
  • dressing room;
  • toilet;
  • sauna;
  • swim in nearby quarry;
  • kart ride.

At Rullītis Sports and Recreation Complex, before a paintball game, you will receive the necessary equipment for the game, along with professional instructions. The instructor will offer insight and guidance for various formats of the game; and will run the game. Participants must be at least 7 years old. Parents are not required to play with children. When playing paintball, we recommend wearing appropriate clothing and footwear.

The starter set (includes: marker, compressed air tank, mask, overalls, gloves, chest protector for children and women, 100 balls, instructions, free air tank refills) is for one player.

Pupils and students:

  • Up to 15 participants starter set costs 7 €
  • 15 and more participants starter set costs 6 €
  • For groups with over 15 pupils, class teacher gets a free pizza.

Paintball players:

  • Up to 15 participants starter set costs 8 €
  • 15 and more participants starter set costs 7 €

If it's your Birthday, or if you are a Bachelor party's groom, you get a starter set for free (if there are at least 10 players in the game).

For all paintball players, the post game kart ride (10 minutes) costs only 7 €

  • Additional 100 balls - 3 €
  • 2000 balls (a box) - 50 €
  • Two boxes and more have special price!
  • One group can play up to 3 hours.

At Rullītis Sports and Recreation Complex, participants are allowed to use only on site purchased balls!



Spyder Pilot ACS Electronic marker 3 firing modes (examined in 2013), price 55 €

PMI Piranha GTi Electronic marker 2 firing modes (examined in 2013), price 40 €

Harness NXe 3+2 black, price 20 €

Brand new knee pad NXe (size XL), price 10 €

Protective tank cover Nxe Protect.(48ci), price 9 €


Mobile phone: 28496369
Address: Rullītis Sports Complex, Jelgava ( Directions )